New Domain, New Support Forums.

I’ve noticed that some support requests get lost in spam filtering in the comments, or go unnoticed because of the amount of spam. I’ve made a new Forum for existing and upcoming projects, located at, which is also means this site is hosted on a new domain,

Hopefully this means better communication between Tom, myself and anyone with issues or questions. Stay tuned for new projects.

v002 Glitch 2.0 update for 10.6 / QC 4.0

The v002 Glitch plugins have been updated for 10.6/QC 4.0 compatibility. Apologies for the delay with that one, its been a long time coming. Expect new Glitch fun from bangnoise sooner rather than later!

Here’s a reminder of what can be done with the v002 Glitch plugins and VDMX. The download includes VDMX qcFX, as well as CoGe players and effects modules.

v002 Blurs 2.0.2

2.0.2 update brings important compatibility fixes for some image processing patches within the Quartz Composer environment, as well image fidelity fixes for host applications. Thanks to Jerry Smith for helping isolate.

For example, here is VDMX with 2.0.1:

with 2.0.2 – notice the lack of banding, artifacts and proper brightness: