Donations for Bill Etra

For those unaware – Bill Etra passed away on August 16th 2016 due to heart failure.

He leaves behind long legacy of pioneering both video art and video tools. His influence, and the influence of the tools and art form he helped create thankfully lives on.

You might be wondering why we are still accepting Donations in Bill’s name. Sadly, we have very good reasons.

At the time of his death, Bill was living in state subsidized housing in the Bronx, with his third wife, Roz. For the longest time his only income was Social Security (and kind donations on his behalf). Because of his chronically deteriorating health conditions, he left a vast quantity of unpaid doctor, hospital and medicine co-payments. Roz, unfortunately, is also disabled and could not work, so upon his death she was left all the accumulated debt, and no way to pay it.

Having suffered a long time estrangement from his family and being completely unable to work because of his disability, he had had virtually no income for many years. Even though Roz still receives Social Security, the payments are barely enough to meet every day expenses. Along with her unending grief over his passing, she must also face, every day, this inescapable mountain of debt.

Anything we can do to help her alleviate this financial burden will, I’m sure, be very welcome.

Every cent of your donations are forwarded to Roz Etra, as Bill would have wanted.

Thank you

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