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    Hi. I would like to create a Syphon application that can recieve input from any other Syphon enabled application, then output to a virtual webcam type of thing. For example, I could select my application as the video input device for something like Skype or iChat. I want to fake a webcam feed if that is possible.

    Any help, ideas, or starting points would be great. Thanks a lot.


    I believe using CamTwist in in Quartz Composer composition should allow you do to exactly that. Make a Syphon Client, and send it into Cam Twist. Voila ?


    Hi, I’m really interested in doing this so there are multiple virtual webcams which can be streamed out using multiple running copies of quicktime broadcaster.

    So we’d use QC as a matrix mixer with 5 outputs feeding 5 syphon servers. Then 5 copies of QT broadcaster would encode to h264 and stream to Wowza to broadcast each stream.

    CamTwist will only emulate one camera, even if you launch multiple versions simultaneous. So it would be cool to be able to from Syphon straight to a virtual cam.

    Where would one look for documentation do start that?? I’ve read about VDIG, core media IO, and IOKitVideo stuff, but I’ve never tried this before so I’m sort of at a loss to try and figure out where to start.

    Any ideas or worlds of wisdom would be awesome. Thanks!!


    Ever been any follow-up to this topic? I love Camtwist, but I cannot get several current apps (Flash in Safari or Chrome, Skype, etc.) to work with the new 64 bit CoreIO plugin.

    A simple virtual webcam app that simply allows you to select a syphon stream to output to a virtual webcam would be THE BOMB.

    Please advise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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