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    I cannot get rutt-etra, blur or other vade fx to work in vdmx on my wife’s machine. Lion 10.7.5 mbp, latest vdmx. The fx are there in the fx list (from app support/vdmx/qcfx) , but just give a black screen.

    I have followed the readmes, I think. The fx work fine on my machine (10.6.8). Here

    is a screen shot of the plugins folder showing the vade .plugins installed. Though, I was confused because the readme says ‘plugins’ and the installer says ‘plug-ins’, I tried both names for the folder, no joy.

    I thought maybe its necessary to have QC editor installed, so got that from developer tools. when I try to open eg Rutt in QC itself, I get this error:
    > (null)
    <QCNodeManager | namespace = “com.apple.QuartzComposer” | 428 nodes>: Patch with name “QCPlugInPatch:v002RuttEtraPlugIn” is missing

    > 3D Transformation
    Cannot create node of class “QCPlugInPatch” and identifier “v002RuttEtraPlugIn”

    So, it looks as if the system is just not seeing those .plugins though they seem to be in the right place.

    My wife is upset that I have all the nice fx working but she doesnt so any help appreciated!

    Matt Black


    OK, I got it working, by deleting the QC plug-ins folder and recreating it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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