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    Hello good people. I must start this question by stating I have no formal education on any coding language so bare with me.

    I recently bought a canon t4i and went poking around the web to find a solution to use the camera to import to various vj programs through syphon. I found this Canon2syphon app compiled by Blair Neal (http://blairneal.com/blog/canon2syphon-v1-0/) and noticed in the comments that Tom made v002 Camera Live Master which adds a few new features but doesn’t work with the t4i. Since the new 2.11 ESDK has been released already I decided I’d try to compile it myself in xcode. I have all the pieces but it looks like it’s only a build for 10.7 (I’m on 10.6). Is this true and if so is there a build for 10.6? That’s the first of 11 errors I’m getting in xcode but I think it may be related. Any Help on the matter is much appreciated.



    Edit: Yes v002 Camera Master was built using 10.7 and the 2.11 ESDK is broken apparently.

    So new question, if I swap in the 2.12 ESDK version from EOS Utility, is there a 10.6 v002 Camera Live Master build?


    There’s no support for 10.6, sorry. It’s quicker and easier work to target more modern system versions.

    You could have a go at swapping the 2.12 ESDK into Blair Neal’s Canon2Syphon, which does support 10.6 – though I think his still causes a brief interruption to the stream every 20 minutes for some camera models.


    Thanks for the response sir. I will holler at the laserpilot.

    As a side note/work around for what I’m trying to do….
    Get an Eye-Fi SD card (ProX2) for the t4i (http://support.eye.fi/cards/media/file-upload-types/).
    Send video to laptop on a computer-to-computer network into a folder.
    Use the midi thief’s watch folder (http://themidithief.com/2012/06/the-watch-folder-loader-module/),
    and bam….using the camera at a party without a short ass usb cable.
    in theory…



    Would this be the right place to ask if a further look at implementing Camera Live for the 650d / T4i would be possible?

    This would be so helpful for myself and my teaching profession to help young people learn Cameras and Live Chroma Keying.




    See https://github.com/v002/v002-Camera-Live/issues/2 which explains the problem and has a third-party build which may work for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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