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    I’m trying to fake a video chat using & live video input quicktimes made in QC

    I have several successful QTs made allowing different inputs (built in iSight, a USB capture thingy, Canopus, Matrox MXO, & etc) and have embedded them into Keynote with great results….(yes, I have safe video input installed)

    NOW, I’d like to uglify the video representing the ‘distant’ end of the video chat, and was hoping your glitch plugin would do the trick

    in QC, the video passes thru just fine and I see what I wanna see in the viewer, but when I export a QT with your plugin, all I get is a black window

    What button did I forget to press?


    Sadly this is because QT wrapping of Quartz Compositions forces “safe mode”, which means 3rd party Plugins do not execute (or even load). You’ve done nothing wrong 🙂

    You have to run some hacks to make them work in hosts that load Safe Mode only. You can search “Quartz Composer Safe Mode”. Kineme has some older ones, namely “QC Rehab”, but you have to find the right revision of the plugin. Good luck.


    Perhaps you could glitch your video with built-in patches, namely the Render In Image without a Clear patch. If you animate the RII pixel dimensions, x/y, width, color, etc., you can do some damage. 🙂


    Hey frelancr!

    I envy you… You must have been working on a solution for this quite a while! I have only got to the point of having the isight to work in keynote. So please tell me whats the secret to get more sources to work? Im on a blackmagic intensity pro and cannot get it to show in quartz.

    All the best. Babham

    By the way. Its no use upgrading to Lion huh? Video safe mode is not working in there right?


    Launch Quartz Composer Editor as a 32 bit app (Select in Finder, get info, select Launch 32 Bit) – then the Black Magic Intensity should be an available input. Blame Apple / Quicktime.


    Thanx for the quick answer Vade! So what do i need to install then, only the safe video input from the kinemecore? Then start Quartz in 32 bit app and there i see the Black Magic intensity… or?


    We did this effect for a tv show that I have been working on.

    Basically, you take the remote feed into a off-set computer (via canopus). Pipe it though Quartz with the Glitch plugin running. Go full frame on the viewer. That feed goes out the minDisplayport to VGA adapter. VGA goes to a scan converter to transform it to composite.

    Pipe the composite to hero computer via another canopus (in our case, hidden under the desk). The hero computer is running keynote with two Quartz objects, one doing live video from the webcam, the other doing live video from the canopus.

    For a bit of flavor, we hooked up a midi controller and changed the distortion amounts on the fly. Nice, nice…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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