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    Hi All,

    Can anyone offer help with setting up Quartz Composer to do the following,
    i know it has to be easy but I can’t figure it out and need a lesson.

    Basically I’m looking to :

    1) take a Syphon stream from a Server
    (my case Main View – Modul8)

    2) then add more images/movies/etc to the stream
    (my case Adding a Still Image or images to be used in MadMapper
    – one for being able to add the Preview BG to the main outpur of MadMapper
    – others for using a image masks in Mad Mapper)

    3) Keeping the original stream dimensions and adding new material
    and adjusting the new Billboard / Sprite / Output dimensions accordingly to what it added.

    4) Resend this as a new Syphon output that i can use in Mad Mapper

    I know how to use Syphon in Quartz i’m just having trouble with setting
    the new outputs properly.
    I was able to set them up and output them properly, but I know there must
    be an easier way to do this. And some way in which I could also share this QC
    patch with other to do the same.




    Can’t you just build up your layers inside Modul8 without using Quartz Composer?

    Without knowing what you are doing thus-far, it’s hard to suggest what an easier way might be…


    Not sure about your exact needs without seeing your comp, and you probably tried this — in QC you can use Image Dimensions to get your original stream dimensions, then Image Resize to make your other images fit your original stream.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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