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    It’s rob from, here’s something I would like to poll people about concerning Syphon and visual apps on OS X in general being locked to OpenGL 2.1.

    I am currently working on a couple of projects that (currently) include Syphon support, but I am also on the fence about actually ditching GL2 support in favor of a GL3 based renderer moving forward. I’ve had a look around what’s available app-wise for visualists on OS X and it seems to me everyone is kind of getting comfortable with the existing sort of baseline of coding against GL2 and the obvious implications of this (GLSL version/programmable shader stages/uniform buffers/etc.).

    I am wondering what your opinion is on this and where you see Syphon regarding this in the future? Are there any plans to produce a GL3 based version at some point? I seem to recall seeing a project on GitHub that actually tries to do just that, but of course I understand that this move would probably break compatibility with existing servers/clients based on GL2 (for the “fast” way of sharing the textures on the GPU anyway).

    As it stands now, I don’t see much problems for my own software to make the move, but Syphon is one of the more important things that I would hate to lose. I’d be more than willing to actually help out and contribute to any efforts in this direction though if there are any such plans.

    I also seriously think it is time that more visual software should start making this move if we all want to start using a bit more up-to-date tech at some point, but I guess that’s a topic for a different forum.

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    Once modern GL is supported, Syphon will work between legacy and core profile contexts no problem.

    If you’d like to contribute (which would be great) perhaps that issue would be a good place for discussion.


    Ha! Thanks for the swift reply! That’s music to my ears 🙂 I guess I hadn’t really thought that it would actually be possible to do cross-context-version sharing. Yay!

    I’ll try to put my “money” where my mouth is and will dig a bit into the current source and the other github projects you’re linking in that issue thread.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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