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    Does the Syphon Server patch dislike iterators? When I put it at the top level of my scene and tell it to render ‘OpenGL Scene’, it shows me a solid color. In fact, it’s the current color in an iterator patch. See attached screenshots.

    This scene is based on an original by George Toledo, and I see the exact same issue when adding a Syphon server to his original scene. However, if I open one of my own originals, I can add a Syphon server just fine.

    Deleting the Server patch after this happens doesn’t fix the issue; the QC patch has to be closed and reverted to an earlier save.

    The Syphon Client Patch works just fine to get video INTO the QC patch.

    I do have a workaround (putting everything into a Render in Image), but I’d never seen this issue before and wanted to report it in case it sheds light on something.

    QC 4.6
    iMac 27″, late 2009
    OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)
    Syphon Plugin: Public Beta 2 (modified June 26, 2011 8:07 PM))
    The Syphon Server is the highest-numbered node in the highest level of my patch.

    The patch, before adding Syphon Server

    The patch, after adding Syphon server

    Putting the patch into a Render in Image node does work.


    Using a simple QTZ it appears iterator works fine.

    Can you please make a simple composition that demo’s the issue?

    Can you also please make sure you use the latest Syphon Quartz Composer PlugIn?


    I confirm I am using the latest available plugin.

    Here is a comp demonstrating the issue (at least it does for me).

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    That composition works here. Perhaps I’m using a slightly newer build, or you have more than one plugin installed? Can remove anything other than stock plugins and the Syphon plugin?

    Can you ensure you only have one installed?


    Also you should use an integrator rather than Patch Time + multiplier for speed, you won’t get jumps and discontinuities.


    I’m trying replicate in a super-simple patch but she keeps crashing before I even get to the part where I add a Syphon Server. It’s making me think it’s got to be a problem on my machine.

    I appreciate the note. Do you mean I should have an integrator inside the iterator or you mean one outside, feeding an integrated value into it?

    I should add that this is an adaptation of a George Toledo patch; I would hate to look like I’m taking credit for someone else’s work.


    Hrm, weird. Let me send you my Syphon Plugin. Theres a chance I might be using an unreleased version? Maybe? Hrm.

    As for patch time, just replace it with an integrator, and use your ‘speed’ as the ‘value’ for the increase / decrease of speed. No need to put it in the iterator.

    Did you remove other patches like Kineme patches, etc in debugging this?


    BTW, if its crashing before dropping Syphon in, its um, clearly not a Syphon problem 🙂



    There’s no Kineme’s or other non-stock patches in there, besides this one called /threshold (ci). That I don’t recognize. It behaves like an image threshold filter on the ‘random’ image to turn it into discrete spots. I assume it’s something Toledo put in there, but I’m not sure how or what it is.

    /threshold (ci) patch

    Using the newer Syphon.plugin you provided didn’t change anything.


    I don’t mean in the composition. I mean installed as plugins in / on your system.


    I didn’t do that. I’ll try that next.

    Thing is, there’s something screwy on my machine that’s making QC crash a lot, so I don’t think this is the best environment to get a reproducible issue. Plus, I do have a workaround so this is not at all critical.

    Thanks a ton for your time Vade, and if I can get this functioning more reliably (or even failing more reliably), I’ll get back on here with more info.








    Then test with just the Syphon plugin.

    If that works, a 3rd party plugin, Kineme, another v002, someone else’s, is causing an issue.


    That works.

    It must be one of the others. I’ll start adding them back in one at a time and testing.

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