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    Hello People 🙂

    I have a particular problem and hope of your help. I want to record the composition out of Resolume Arena with Syphon Recorder = works perfectly. In preferences I have possibilites to choice the incoming sound signal. In this case my audio interface = soundcard works perfect in resolume and on my system, but nothing to hear in the  recorded movie ;-(


    What I have to do? Maybe have a look at this screenshot:


    I also read about another sound routing plugin “Soundflower” …

    Any help is appreciated!

    My System:

    Macbook Pro 2,3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 | 8 GB RAM | AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1GB VRAM | OS X 10.8 | SSD Samsung 830 500 GB | Resolume Arena 4.1.2 | Audio Interface NI Audio DJ8


    Ah – does anything get logged to the console (Applications > Utilities > Console) when you start a recording with the the Audio 8 DJ?

    I’ll have a look – but it seems it might be difficult to diagnose without access to the device. You might want to use Soundflower in the interim.


    Bangnoise! Thanks a lot your fast reply 🙂

    I will try, check the log and so on and report asap,
    when I am back at home with my Mac.

    Good to know to have a support for this!

    Happy, Markus.


    I have a similar problem but I dont understand how to fix it by reading above.

    I am using Chroma Key Live to do Green Screen activities with a group of drama students. I’m using the syphon recorder to record what they do. Seems like all works fine… but…

    I can see the video fine when playing back the recording (Quicktime format)perfectly, not problems. The audio play for about 2 secs, then cuts out for a sec, then cuts out completely and never comes back. The only way for it to try to work is when I fast forward to a different spot of the video. The audio then does its 2 second cut out routine…

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance.


    MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion

    Chroma Key Live v.2012-07-27

    syphon recorder beta 9



    What audio device are you recording from? Could you post a screenshot of your Preferences window in Syphon Recorder?


    Beta 11 hopefully fixes these audio problems.


    Hello Bangnoise,

    regarding to my old post I want to show a short Video to receive final tips, maybe a final solution for my problem. I updated the syphon recorder, Resolume Arena, Mac OSX is the newest vrsion too. But my recorderd file is silence. Perfect video quality with no sound.

    Please watch thisi little video I made yesterday to show how my workflow is, if you need more details, info or sth else to define, let me know, please!! Hmm, thanks 😉


    Thankful for any help! Markus.


    Hi – thanks for the details.

    Could you e-mail me a short movie you’ve recorded with Syphon Recorder?

    Re Simple Client and Server – they are just test/demo apps to show what Syphon does.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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