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    A while back I encountered a problem with recording video. Selecting an FPS value in the preferences doesn’t result in a perfectly smooth video at the frame rate. For example, selecting 60 FPS will produce a video like this:

    (Ignore the registration prompt and directly download the video.)

    There is a very obvious stutter that occurs. However if you select “As Fast As Possible” you get this instead:

    Perfectly smooth. Here are the average rates the videos play at respectively:

    Video with 60 FPS selected

    Video with AFAP selected

    Note: Those images are from the lossless videos, not the encoded ones I linked to.

    The stutter happens with any frame rate, not just 60. It seems the only way to avoid it is to choose AFAP. Is there any feasible way to prevent/fix that or is this just at the mercy of OS X?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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