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    Hey there,

    Firstly, Syphon is an amazing piece of tech. Thanks Vade!

    Secondly, I’m trying to modify the Ms Pinky patch so that it can send out Open GL video (which plays much better in the Maxi Patch) to a Syphon Server. I’m guessing, from my very basic knowledge of Max/Msp that I’d need to edit a patch called: MultiModeMixer_Pinky.

    And guessing that I insert a “” somewhere in the red area of attached image?

    /img/ /

    A nudge in the right direction would help. Thanks again.


    Thank bangnoise too!

    Your assumption looks correct. Make a [ maxi-path @servername Maxi] and connect the output of the [ maxi-patch] to the new, and you should, when running the patch, see a Syphon Server listed in any Syphon Client called “Maxi”

    That should be it.


    Thanks bangnoise! (as well)

    And thanks for the quick reply (I had trouble working out how to log back into the forums *doh*)

    So I’ve not yet had a chance to test this out yet as I was trying a different approach which involved Resolume. Soon as I got the MaxiPatch working will post.


    Yea sorry, I bust the forums for a while, nobody could log in… you can revoke some of your thanks if you like.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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