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    Im looking for a very simple, stable app to take two syphon outputs and cross fade them using MIDI/OSC to a full screen output.

    The goal is to easily fade from my primary app (VDMX) to a QC or some other source when switching scenes or in case of an app crash.

    I suppose it wouldn’t be too difficult to create something in Quartz, but this seems simple and useful enough to warrant its own app. Perhaps with previews to use as a very simple syphon mixer?


    Hello, I am currently working on the appplication that can do just that.

    I am doing my development in MAX MSP and it should be done in a week. But since you know quartz why not just implement the patch that dose just what you need.

    please check my website


    hey there. any progress on this?

    i’m a long-time user of VDMX, returning to visuals after a hiatus. like you xedmada, i’m looking for a simple syphon a/b mixer to fade to another QT/Quartz source while i change patches in VDMX.

    any solutions, or part-solutions worth investigating? i’d love to ditch my analogue mixer and just use the one laptop, one controller and projector for gigs…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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