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    When i send the resolume output to either vdmx , madmapper or syphon recorder all im getting is a blank white screen.not sure why this is happening as I can successfully send from vdmx to resolume ,mm or recorder.Im guessing its my outdated (macbookpro core 2 duo 2.16) ATY,RadeonX1600 graphics card not playing nice with resolume.Updating soon but would still like to get this to work if possible.Any suggestions?


    Ah, I’m noticing this on an X1600 too, Resolume 3.3.2, 10.7. We will investigate further.

    This used to work, and may be a 10.7 bug. I’d try it under 10.6 if you need a solution on this hardware.


    using 10.6.8 and resolume 3.3.2 or new arena beta both have the white screen.


    Issue is in the Syphon framework due to a change made in Public Beta 2 ( )

    Until we issue a fix, using the previous beta works:



    all working with previous beta.thanks


    now it seems I cant get the syphon client to work in resolume coming from vdmx.I thought I had it working when I initially tried a few weeks ago but now nothing.


    Is this using the Beta 1 client? It is stricter about the parameters than the Beta 2 version. Put in either the name of the app you’re sending from or the name of the server you want to receive, or both.


    thanks again,i feel a little stupid.Got it working using beta 1 freeframe effect but not with the built in output in vdmx.Im sure im just naming the later incorrectly.


    If you just put “VDMX5” as the app name, it should work?


    yep all works.thanks again

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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