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    I know this is probably a QC issue, but maybe you can help me:
    is there a way to draw stuff on QC (syphon client) with no anti-aliasing on graphics?

    My OFw app is sending Syphon data with no anti-alias.
    Tried different renders in QC (billboard, sprite, etc)
    Thank you


    Sure. You can use a custom Core Image Kernel and set filtering to nearest, and then use a billboard set to ‘Native core image’

    This is up to the drawing app to decide if the texture is drawn with filtering at bi-linear or nearest. This is not ‘anti-aliasing’, it more has to do with scaling the texture, and what algorithm is used (drawing a say, 320×240 image to a 1600×1200 output device, clearly, some pixels somewhere have to be duplicated, the filtering determines the method).

    QC’s basic renderers assume you want linear. The Core Image workaround from above remedies that assumption.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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