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    I have been working though pure data and was hoping to implement
    Syphon with it.. I install the patch and got this output

    /Users/johnworthington/Desktop/syphonserver/syphonserver.pd_darwin: dlopen(/Users/johnworthington/Desktop/syphonserver/syphonserver.pd_darwin, 10): Symbol not found: __ZN9CPPExtern4postEPKcz
    Referenced from: /Users/johnworthington/Desktop/syphonserver/syphonserver.pd_darwin
    Expected in: flat namespace
    in /Users/johnworthington/Desktop/syphonserver/syphonserver.pd_darwin
    … couldn’t create

    I recompiled it, but i’m not a coder competent enough to change the code myself. But I have this after a build on my MBP and mountain lion

    [syphonserver]: SyphonServer: start rendering
    [syphonserver]: pool is: 0x734aca0
    [syphonserver]: context is : 0x6380a00
    [syphonserver]: Server is: 0x0
    [syphonserver]: Server is: OMG

    and there is nothing going to a client. I assume there should the ‘Server is: 0x0 ‘ should have a different value there but now I need the wisdom of someone wiser than i.


    GEM has been updated and the symbol changes were enough to break the compiled version of Syphon for GEM.

    You should:

    install PD Extended into /Applications

    checkout the PD source code from our repository on Google Code (we will soon be migrating to github but, ignore that for now).

    Ensure that GEM.pd_darwin is not red (ie, its found).

    Ensure the Syphon framework xcode project is found.

    Ensure the XCode scheme is 32 bit, syphon.pd_darwin


    Copy files to the proper location in PD Extended.app.

    Or just download the binary I compiled at:




    I shall work through this in the morning 🙂

    even have a go at building again


    couldn’t wait until morning
    it works great.

    Thank you so much


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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