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    Hi I am totally new to syphon and Have had trouble setting it up.

    I will used with jitter.<- would like to have it work with skype.

    followed all the steps , been trying for a few days now. Downlloaded the simple server and simple client to test drive but with no succes.

    Also I followed and imitated exactly the Vade  video

    Still no succes. THE 1st thing I noticed and suspect  is that there are no ” FRAME SOURCE ” drop down menu in my simple client window. so i can ‘t select my frame sources !!

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciate. I want to use it with skype.
    Endless thanks in advance




    Hi Phil.

    Just to be sure, you are

    a) Running both Simple Client and Simple Server, and do not “see” the Server rendering in the Client?

    b) You are running a supported operating system, ie: Mac OS X 10.6+ (10.7, 10.8 are supported).

    Let us know.



    Oh, and c) send the Jitter patch you are using, along with the version of Max/MSP you are using.



    The Simple Client has been updated since that video was made. The menu is still there, in the toolbar. Perhaps you hid the toolbar (View menu)?

    Are you saying that Simple Server > Simple Client doesn’t work for you, or only Jitter > Simple Client?



    that was it ! it now appears, located @ the top left . and it also showed up in jitter’s help patch when I opened the simple server.

    Now  how do I get to hi-Jack the simple server with a “Quicktime / vlc/ skype /QC ” . I’ve reading the first have to open the quarz composer syphon patch as a bridge ?? is this correct? But I’ve no experience in quartz. it seems to do nothing. i’m clicking around and around but nope nothin’ .

    I’ve also download jitnet2syphon and syphontojitnet and play with the port inside skype but no dice.

    endless thanks for your help guys. I’m trying to read up as much as i can



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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