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    I’m trying to get separate images from pure data into multiple layer in Millumin. How can I do that with syphon, Millumin seems to recognize only one syphonserver? I try to name  [syphonserver name one] [syphonserver name two].






    The Syphon pd extension currently only outputs the content of the gem window, so I don’t think you could do that – unless it’s possible to have two gem windows? – I’m not a pd user. I can get two (identical) syphonserver objects running, but with the same content.




    thanks a lot, but I have now a bigger problem! I’m trying to put Syphon on a computer and pd don’t recognize it.

    – I fallow the instruction of Millumin web site.

    – With max msp it works well..

    Is there an other solution? Maybe it’s a bug on Pd, or maybe I have to change something?

    Somebody said to me, maybe I have to check my graphic folder.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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