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    Not really sure if this is the best way to be going about this, but I was looking for a solution to have both Quartz and Processing patches be Syphoned into Modul8…

    So, I edited a copy of the ‘Syphon Client QC.qtz’ patch found under /Public Beta 2/Examples so that the Structure Index Member’s index was set to 1… now I can drop both copies of the qc patch into Modul8, and receive frames from Processing and QC…

    Is that bad practice, or is it ok ?


    Sorry Anton & Tom… realize this should maybe sit under developer, but its kind of a fuzzy zone…

    I’ll browse the SDK and try to answer my own question here in a minute, but am wondering if you can tell me whether the Syphon Server List recycles itself during runtime? ie. in my case as noted above, if i add Syphon Server A from QC at Index 0, then Syphon Server B from P5 at Index 1, then quit A, will B drop Index’s from 0 to 1? Or will 0 be reserved until quit, and a subsequent Server come in at Index 2 ?

    Thanks for any comments/thoughts…

    ~ J



    I wouldn’t worry about the Server List at all if you know which two apps you’re going to be receiving from. It’s really intended for more complex cases where you want the selection to be made within QC.

    If you delete it, you can manually put the names of the applications you’ll be receiving from in the App Name input for the Syphon Client patches, then name the files so you know which is which.

    The Server List updates as servers come and go. The index is simply a position in the list of currently available servers. That patch is in a folder called “Examples”, not “Useful” 😉


    Perfect, i’ll give that a try, thanks Tom.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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