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    hi, sorry if it is not the correct place to ask.
    Would be great to get an advice on this:
    I have a 12min. movie output from Madmapper and I want to export it through Spyhon Recorder. I only have few options for export format. Can I get an mp4 format output from Syphon Recorder? Or what other options can I have?



    Hi – it’s the right place to ask.

    Recorder is intentionally limited to codecs which perform well for realtime capture. For mp4 you will have to transcode the recorded movie in another app (eg QuickTime Player 7 Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, ffmpeg, etc).



    I’ve found MPEGstreamclip is great for transcoding, almost every file can be converted and it’s free 🙂



    Hi guys,

    What would be be the lightest/smallest compatible codec to use? If possible looking to save space without needing to convert some of my hour-long projects/streams.

    Thnk you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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