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    Hi guys,

    I believe that I can find here the most competent guys for my concern.
    I would like to to build a setup that I can use at events.

    – Cameras will be two Sony HXC-D70 with different lenses.
    – Camera Control Units (CCU´s) will be two Sony RCP-D50.

    Mixer will be a Panasonic AV-HS410E with optional DVI-Boards.
    Camera and Mixer-Setup will always be of this quality.
    I have two MacBook Pro´s for QC. One with SL and one with ML on it.

    Here´s my considered setup for QC:

    The setup should work as Powerful and even with „minimal“ video-latency.

    I have an eye on the Thunderbolt PCIe Magma Expansion chassis „ExpressBox 3T“.
    Equipped with a capture card of AjA  (Kona LHi) or Blackmagic (DeckLink HD Extreme 3D). Maybe add another optional NVIDIA Quadro card in the expansion box (NVIDIA Quadro K5000) or use the Thunderbolt Outputs of the expansion box for a Tripplehead 2Go from Matrox. The graphiccards were being considered for soft-edge-blending.

    So, now to my questions:

    Is there the possibility AJA- or Blackmagic-card directly address in QC? Detects the video input of QC one of these cards? Knew that maybe someone here in the forum?
    If so, has anyone experience how high is the latency in about in this case?
    If there were an alternative if QC should recognize any of these cards?
    Would there be a cheaper option to get the camera signal into QC with the „lowest“ latency? Lowest latency in my case “top” priority! Lipp-Sync should be nearly achieved.

    Would be cool if someone here already has experience over here and can tell.


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