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    It’s been a while that linux implementation has not been discussed, so I just ask about it. Bangnoise tolds us that Linux needs some requisites features. Is it still the case?
    Since the last message of this forum mentionning linux in 2011, Spout has been developed under Windows. So maybe something new has been done on Linux?
    Sorry if I’m a bit off-topic. I love Syphon but for some projects, a tiny low-cost arm linux is the solution. And in these cases we loose the fantastic syphon feature.

    cheers !!




    Still the same basic gotcha.

    Linux requires a collaborative effort between the kernel developers and the hardware /GPU driver teams, and an agreed upon API to access GPU memory across process boundaries.

    Apple was able to do that via IOSurface for us. I believe that it required specific collaboration with Nvidia, intel, ATI, Imgtec, and other GPU vendors in Apples ecosystem to ensure it works.

    I don’t believe linux/the community has this capability, or a need / desire for it.


    Thank you Vade for your input. It helps me to understand why there is not a syphon technology on Linux.


    Linux has v4loop which has been around for very long time. Before syphon I believe.
    Check linux visual artists group on fb and we can get you up to speed.


    Syphon shares a texture on the GPU between processes. I’m not familiar with v4loop, but I’m guessing it shares regular memory, which is never going to come anywhere near the performance of a shared GPU resource. Yes, it is technically possible to get an image out of one process and into another, no, it isn’t the same as Syphon (or Spout).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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