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    Josue A


    I fount out how to implement kinect Quartz compositions in CoGe but there is a problem, wen I copy an paste the Kinect composition in to the Syphon Server QZ.qtz an Error opening socket was produced, so the OSCeleton not runs.

    And also I cant save the new Syphon Server to start again

    so how can i get a Syphon version whit out this problem?




    I’m not sure if this problem is with Syphon or one of the many other parts involved, but your description is too vague to diagnose.

    Can you link a .qtz that won’t work, or if the problem is when you try to paste, two .qtz with clear instructions so we can reproduce your problem. Also if you could link every QC plugin needed by the .qtz that would save us some time.



    Alternatively if you are getting an exception in Quartz Composer you could paste the entire text of the error you see.


    Also try making a new blank composition and pasting the Kinect composition into it. if the exception happens, it has nothing to do with us.


    Also, you may be having an issue that both instances of the OSC composition are attempting to use the same port. If that is the case, do this:

    0) Open the kinect composition.
    1) Copy.
    2) Close the above original composition, ensuring both editor and viewer are closed
    3) Open the Syphon comp
    4) Paste

    You (generally) cant have 2 applications or instance of a socket open on the same port (listening or sending). If you have 2 open versions of some OSC plugin, it wont like that I suspect.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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