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    JVC GY-LS300 has a biult in streaming for Ustream and Youtube.
    It also has a functioning p2p web contoll/preview.
    Anyone knows how to get it to Syphon over a local network or p2p?

    Only Canon support in Camera Live, and IPCAMTOSYPON has stream adress I have not bee able to format into reading the JVC:
    <stream address=”×240″ name=”ipcam1″ username=”” password=”” display=”1″/>

    Someone got it working with VLC:

    HereĀ“s som info on the web stream setup:

    Any hints appreciated.
    Cheers, Boya



    Got it working with VLCSyphon using mulitcast.
    Alas, only steady at 720p, bad artifacting and 3 seconds delay.

    The low res web webbrowser camera controll only has 3-5 frames delay, so it should be possible to get something better.



    IIRC you can limit VLC’s buffering somehow – that’s probably the cause of the delay.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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