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    Just upgraded to snow leopard so I could use syphon. Great software by the way!.
    I have a series of questions that don’t seem to be answered on the forum or on the web.

    1st -I am trying to combine 10 opengl jitter patches into one so I can switch between them and send them to the syphonserver and from there to vdmx… what is the best workflow to get the best playback? Should I use the jitter optimization methods that vade suggested and attach those techniques to the syphonserver via texture?

    2nd -> I don’t use VDMX so much and I have the old version b.7 not 8 is opening the syphonclientQc.qtz in vdmx worst in any way than having the syphon implementation that comes in beta 8?

    3rd-> is there a way I can pass jitter directly to vdmx without having to go frist through qc? how?

    4th -> if I am going from jitter->qc-> vdmx… do you suggest I use vdmx output to display the visuals or should I pass the vdmx output to the syphon client.qcfx as different layers and use the syphonclient for the vdmx visuals and also to change to qc and jitter?

    5th-> does the syphon recorder take in the fsaa 1 that you can assign to jit.window in jitter? it would be great to know the best possible setting for jitter recording, I know that in another post you mentioned Apple Pro Res HQ in 60fps if you are getting 30Fps out of jitter but that didn’t give me great results. I am trying to make the syphon recorder better than doing a video screen capture of my 1920 by 1080 screen using IshowUHD with the fsaa on.

    I would really appreciate your feedback on this. and thank you for syphon.


    1) Yes. use the same texture upload path but send the texture to Syphon, and or a video plane.

    2) Beta 8 has Syphon built in. Consult the VDMX forum for how to use it. basically, its a built in source. Suggest you use that, its a touch more efficient than using the QC Plugin method to get Beta 7 working with Syphon (beta 7 requires the separate QC Syphon plugin for it to work, beta 8 “just works”).

    3) Yes. Use the Jitter Syphon Server and VDMX B8 client will see it.

    4) Not applicable.

    5) Syphon Recorder will takes images from Jitter if you use the Jitter Syphon Server. The jitter Syphon server takes in textures. You can copy the “screen” I think in jitter, to a texture. That should in theory do it. Im sure you can finagle it.


    thanks vade

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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