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    I have a scenario where the actual v002 Blurs exhibit a side effect that sounds really similar to the “black” output that you describe with the Screen Capture in certain instances.

    If I’m bringing image out of a certain patch (we can talk about this aspect via PM if needed), I actually have to run the image through a core image kernel before it will render to Billboard in a way that isn’t “black”.

    So, though I don’t really want to go into specifics about the setup, I want to throw out there that if anyone has a scenario where they’re getting black output, and it seems like there should be output, it might be worth it just to throw in a CI kernel in front of the v002 blur(s) to see if it makes a difference.


    Hm. Ive not seen anything like that in along time. I do know from playing with the Skanky SDK image output was very very odd. It could be an odd OpenGL State leak, or non validation. Apple does not give any examples of actual image processing effects, and there is no documentation of any GL state that changes for any patches. Core Image in essence ignores GL state (it actually forces its own), so its less of an issue there. However performance is worse with Core Image. I saw your email, ill check and talk to the Kineme folks and see if there is an edge case neither of us is handling. Thanks.


    Thanks. Again, it’s not really worth headaches, b/c it’s a very limited case scenario (as I’m sure you saw from my email explanation). If it’s a small fix, it would be cool.

    I’m sure you’re right about Apple not giving any examples of image processing effects… the only apple example that processes image that I’m aware of is the FreeFrame example, and that’s sort of brain-damaged and has always had bugs, so maybe that’s why you don’t include it. There is also Histogram Operation project that processes image, but I remember performance on that being totally lacking, at least back in Leopard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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