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    Hey there,

    I’m running two instances of camtwist to root specific window-captures to quartz composer. The problem is – I can only access one syphon streams since they are all named the same “CamTwist – CamTwist”.

    The standard syphon recorder APP allows me to select the individual streams. Can anybody think of a solution?

    I managed to run multiple instances of camtwist by duplicating the app. Maybe I can rename the app with an assembly tool but I hope this is not neccessary – however, if anybody knows how to do this, your response is more than welcome 🙂

    Thanks in advance,


    How annoying – there’s no way to specify servers for the QC client other than by name. You should contact CamTwist and ask them to name servers more usefully.


    thx for the reply. I found out that I can access all syphon streams if I patch as much clients in quartz composer as there are streams. Might be that I have to check the order every time I launch it but this way it does the job for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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