Glitch Plugins updated, Optical Flow ported & released.

The Glitch plugins have been consolidated to a single plugin with multiple patches, and I have added a few new patches, Glitch File Reader – interpret any file as a movie and ‘play’ through it, Core Video GL Glitch – play through pools of pbuffers on your video card to visualize random GPU memory, FBO Glitch – play through pools of frame buffer objects on your video card, and specify the texture format for interpreting background GPU memory. These are all fun source plugins that generate bit-glitch and interesting patterns. Here is a fun example of it being used as a screen saver for your Mac:

v002 Optical Flow is also released, which is a port of Andrew Bensons GLSL based optical flow implementation for Jitter, which includes his distort based on optical flow values. I’ve also added a patch to the plugin set that allows for some bluring/smearing based on flow. Here is a nice example of using the Optical Flow on Particle Systems:

3 comments on “Glitch Plugins updated, Optical Flow ported & released.

  1. Coolness, thanks for posting the link! The optical flow is awesome with particles (and MANY other things, I am finding). I’ve also been using the HECK out of your glitch stuff lately.

    Operative question… where is the darn donation link around here? I thought there used to be one! :o)

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