Rutt Etra

Rutt Etra

Im very happy to be able to release our Rutt/Etra emulation plugin, as it has been a long time in the works. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work with Bill Etra to make this plugin as authentic to the as possible. Steve Rutt and Bill Etra originally began work on the Rutt Etra in 1972, and its look is still as modern and interesting as ever. Bill now lives in New York City, on disability.

If you find this plugin, or any other plugins here useful, please donate any amount you feel appropriate. The proceeds will go to helping Bill Etra continue to pursue his lifes work. Check out the Rutt Etra plugin page for the free download and more information from Bill.

6 comments on “Rutt Etra

  1. Really very nice!!! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time.

    Performs better with an Image Resize after the video input as my iSight returns large images. The image resize should be setup to resize to the resolution of the grid and the blur made relative to this size.

    Again, very nice!!

  2. I can only get this to work in short flashes in wireframe mode, and it will only read the 3d data from the initial image. I’m on a dual 2.66 mac pro with 4BG ram running osx10.5 Any suggestions or is this normal behavior for the beta?
    Sorry if I’m posting on the blog but i cant find another contact.

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  4. Hi riat – that is not normal behavior at all. I dont have much hardware to test with, but its worked for most. Ill see if I can get someone to test or report if they have had issues. Thanks for the report.

  5. Hey, fantastic work as usual, vade. One fyi: this inconsistently but frequently (usually) crashes VDMX (latest beta) upon dropping it into the effects chain on my black MacBook (10.5.4). It happens more often when I try to use it after things have been going for a while, so… running out of memory issue would be my guess.

    On a more general note, I’m really loving the work you’re doing on all of these quartz patches, it’s not only useful practically, but also a really great inspiration for those of us who are trying to develop similar structures.

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