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v002 Movie Player beta 2 has a few useful updates. Relative paths now work, as well as compatibility with the Directory Scanner patch. Fixed a bug/incompatibility with QTVisualContextTask() and the QC context image provider convenience methods – we now supply our own QCPluginOutputImageProvider class and handle drawing ourselves. This means eventually we can handle various aperture modes supported from within Quicktime/Core Video as well. Also added signal start/stop/reset, and normalized, non-normalized time outputs, as well as duration outputs. All in all a nice update.

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  1. very interesting! i’ve been trying to find a way to extract the exact number of frames from a movie file, with no luck. to have a movie duration (frames) output from your plugin would be super useful (hint)!

  2. thanks a bunch – I’ve been looking for a way to scratch audio and video together directly in quartz. My only comment is that the audio only plays when the Rate is positive. It would be awesome to hear the audio play backwards with the video. Is there something in the source code that could be modified to make this happen?

  3. Interesting comments. I have to say I have not noticed the audio not playing backwards. Let me see if I can replicate. Ill also see if I cant make a total number of frames output, and a current frame output.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. I am loving the movie player patch but can not download the new beta. When I downlaod it and unpack it I only get the old beta, what am I doing wrong.

  5. David: Audio playback in reverse works, but you have to make sure audio is in a format that QT can playback in reverse. I just verified this with a PAL DV movie. Make sure you use an audio codec that is not highly compressed, it should work!

  6. Hi Vade,

    here is a small bugreport(?):

    – the plugin doesn’t play the movie if the filepath is relative to the compositions, like ~/Desktop/
    – a little hang (0.5s) when changing filepath

  7. Hey, nice plug-in. Usefull!

    Had some difficulties using different movie paths though.




    won’t work, but

    /Users/joakim/Movies/Catalyst lib/023 Time laps flowers/000


    I’m trying to combine this plugin with kineme’s folder movies patch which gives you the first kind of movie path.


  8. Hi Vade,

    Firstly, This plugin was exactly what I was looking for- thanks! Unfortunately I’ve been having a few problems- it keeps crashing after a few seconds of playing. I’ve posted the console log below in case it is of help to you…

    18/12/2008 14:20:14 Quartz Composer[718] *** OpenGL error 0x0500 (invalid enumerant) in function “-[QCPlugOutputImage createTextureBufferForManager:withFormat:target:transformation:bounds:colorSpace:options:]”
    18/12/2008 14:20:14 Quartz Composer[718] *** Message from :
    Failed creating texture on from image | target = (null) | native pixel format = (null) | native colorspace = GenericRGB | capabilities = 100 > | DOD = | transform = (null) | properties = {

    Any ideas?

  9. I’m just playing a mov with H.264 encoding. I’ve also tried using movies straight out of Photobooth too. This has happened on 2 seperate late 2007 MacBook pros running OS X 10.5.5. (Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT 128MB)

    All of the MOVs that I have tried seem to fail… Is there a movie that you can confirm works that I can test it with?

  10. How are you formatting the path? Ive tried it with h.264 and photojpeg, and it works here with both on 10.5.6. My path is something like:

    “/Users/vade/Documents/Media/Cleaned/Personal/2008.07.16 – Roach2/Roach”

    Try putting the movie somewhere like / and go from there? Sounds like an odd error though, something with the QTVisualContext perhaps. Ill see if I cant re-create.

  11. Hmm… strange. I’ll do a bit more digging then:) It’s as if for a fraction of a second after it loops the billboard goes transparent. It’s not just your plugin that does that though, the built in movie player object has the same behaviour. Not to worry then, it’s probably something I’m doing. Thanks for the help and the great plugin! Sorry to be so much of a bother :p

  12. great plugin. more flexible then the apple movie palyer and more stable i think.
    one feature i would love, a second reset (“reset to start”), which resets the playhead not to 0.0 but to the start time input. this would allow easy implementation of a loop with “in” and “out” point.

    tried to modify the source, but the build i made was not recognized by qc.

    cheers, volker

  13. Hi

    Many thanks for this, makes a real difference with HD files.

    One tiny bug… the openMovie: method needs

    [movie setVolume:self.inputVolume];

    after the movie has been opened so volume setting is honoured when the path changes (around about line 467 in the source).

    Otherwise perfect, and yay to sharing the source for your plugins.

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