v002 Blurs released.


Ive posted a set of blurs to replace the standard built in Apple blurs for Quartz Composer. Ive created new Gaussian, Motion and Zoom blurs which are better suited for realtime video use. These blurs are very fast on modern hardware, and quite competitive on older systems as well.

The blurs take some shortcuts which the built in blurs do not, which is how the speed up works. This shortcut lowers the amount of processing the GPU has to do, so allows you to have more blurs, and larger blurs than usual. Hopefully this will be of use to folks. Thanks to all the beta testers for helping round out the plugins. You can find them on their respective plugin pages. If you have any bug reports, suggestions or comments on the individual blurs, please post to their respective pages:

v002 Blur
v002 Motion Blur
v002 Zoom Blur

The blurs support alpha channel, RGB and intensity (greyscale) image inputs.

The blurs are released with source code, licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike, Attribution, Non-Commercial 3.0 license.


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