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    Hey, i played a live gig and recorded it all using the Syphon recorder to an external disk. at the end of the show some wizeguy decided that the best way to end the show would be to cut all the power (%/###arggh), so my external diskt went offline, and the file containing my recording went bad.

    I found a company that has a nice littel program that can analyze the file, and then repair it for a price of 239$ which is kind of a lot of money..

    This tell me that the data is all there, but the file has just not been “closed” or whatever i should call it. I figure that there must be a cheaper solution somewhere. Any ideas?


    /Lau – 2d visuals


    I haven’t any bright ideas I’m afraid.

    My favourite thread on this subject begins “I recorded video from a high-power rocket I launched…“.

    The solution to that thread might give you some help if you want to recover it by writing your own program, otherwise these sort of services don’t usually come cheap.

    Let us know if you have found a free/cheap solution…


    MPEG Streamclip can sometimes belp in that solution.


    hey there

    -The streamclip doesnt do it.

    – And Im not a programmer(nor a rocket scientist) so im afraid i cannot do anything about it myself.

    so i think its just bad luck. Next time im going to record something important ill use the internal disk to get around this happening again.. hopefully my disk can handle this.


    Sorry we haven’t a solution – I feel your pain.

    We will think about ways of avoiding this situation in a future update – perhaps recording short segments then joining them when recording finishes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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