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    I was trying today to send image data from a maxpatch with one of the auvi-objects.
    I had no problem getting the syphon stream via simple-client, but no luck within max using the jit.gl.syphonclient object or within VPT. I can select the syphon source, but no image comes through.
    I have tried to add a gl-texture between the auvi object and the syphon server, but that didnt make a difference.
    I had some unexpected behaviour when I sent the syphon source to a mixer (v.001) object, with a qt source as the A source, and the syphon stream as B source. With the mix level at 50% I then saw the qt movie mixed with the syphon source (which so far had been invisible), but the closer I got to full mix for source B, the image faded to black. Is there some alpha weirdness going on?


    Its been a while since I played with AUVI, but I recall those objects having serious alpha issues when using them with GL.

    It is possible the matrix you are sending to jit.gl.syphonserver having a alpha plane full of 0, rather than 255. Try manually forcing the alpha to “1” on the AUVI objects, and see if that solves your issue.


    Thanks! That did the trick. I had forgotten that auvi had its own special alpha toggle.

    Its been over five years for me 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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