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    Got it working with VLCSyphon using mulitcast.
    Alas, only steady at 720p, bad artifacting and 3 seconds delay.

    The low res web webbrowser camera controll only has 3-5 frames delay, so it should be possible to get something better.

    in reply to: Syphon Virtual Screen (again!) #39691

    Sorry to say, I´ve fooled myself as a late switcher from fcp7 to fcpx.
    But happy to say it seems to be working with fcpx! – but not fcp7.

    Great, because I was using the FCP syphon server mock-up from Vade, for edition live from final cut via quartz composer to four or six projection screens. It works, somehow, with fcp7 but not fcpx.

    I was thinking loads more people would be doing this by now:
    Working right from an editor onto a custom stage environment, you´d need expensive stuff like Dataton, which gives you a fraction of the possibilities.

    So, off to do the custom console stuff to get the preferred resolution, which in my case would be 2048 x 2304

    Thanks for your work, I´ll try to post the “no problem in problem folder”
    -sound great, that!

    in reply to: Syphon Virtual Screen (again!) #39610

    Hi Andrea.

    Trying to get SvS working with Final Cut pro X, but fcp will not recognize the virtual display.

    I´m on Mavericks, and had an issue installing from binary:
    After installing package, there was no program in the program folder to replace.

    Nonetheless, it is working fine with Q-lab.

    Any thoughts?

    in reply to: Syphon for Final Cut Pro? #38873

    Thanks for following up.

    I know about the lack of support, but I´ve spent hundred of hours with the fcp7 plug, and I would not have gotten done the stuff I´ve done the last cupel of years without it, even with it´s kinks.

    I work with multiple stereoscopic riggs on the floor and back wall producing stage plays with actors standing in the 3D landscape. There is a lot of adjustment that would have taken *loads* more rendering if I had not at least had the frame preview I get out of the plug.

    How else to edit over 6 projectors on stage directly from fcp?

    Back when you first released I was guessing the mapping community would have immense use for it, editing over multiple outputs right on to stage, wall, objects or buildings.


    in reply to: Syphon for Final Cut Pro? #36796

    Hi Vade.

    I´ve used the tcp syphon plug and it has been invaluable for doing stereoscopic 3d on-stage editing, via QC.

    Can not se any fcpx version.
    Any chance of one or a way to bake one myself?

    Only found this reference online:
    “If you are using FCPX, you are out of luck”

    Thanks for your work (and help) through the years!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)