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    @CM: A very quick and easy way to find out if your device is working is using Synapse which works as a kinect host. There is also a plugin for QC which you can use as a workaround as long as the 002 plugin is not working for you. The downside of using Synapse in QC is that it is (presumably) working slower, likes to crash 3rd party programs (like for me CoGe i.e.) and is missing some features. You can get Synapse and the QC plugin from the developer:

    : I am foremost a VJ and as you suggested tried (and succeeded) to compile 002 Open Kinect by myself. However, now there seems to be something happening, though the patch will crash QC when connected to an image renderer. I don’t know if you still want to help with this – I know you put it on GitHub so someone else can maintain development. But in any case I put my crashlog up on Pastebin:

    EDIT: Once I crashed QC with the Open Kinect Patch, everything else that wants to use Kinect will also crash (in the same session) – only a restart seems to fix this

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