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    some question:

    -how does work VDMX5 as client without to put the composition Syphon Source for VDMX.qtz in the layer? In your tutorial you don’t explain this, you only explain that VDMX5 work as source (with the app Simple Source and Source->Syphon) and I thought that was the way to make it.

    -Is It necessary to put the file Syphon Server qcFX for VDMX.qtz in User/——- / Library / Application Support / VDMX, in order to the Syphon Server appears in Source->Plugin?
    If I don’t make this, in Source->Plugin there is nothing.

    – Today I downloaded the plugin for QC and this is the beta 1.
    There is the beta 2?

    best regards

    jose m



    VDMX now has Syphon support built-in, so you don’t need to use the qcFX as long as your version of VDMX is up to date.

    Getting video IN to VDMX: Available Syphon servers show up in the Use Source menu for Layer Source controls, and you can add them to a Media Bin if you right-click in the bin and Add Clip From Built-In Source.

    Getting video OUT of VDMX: Click the Plugins tab of the Workspace Inspector, click the + button and choose Syphon Output, then check the boxes in the Syphon Output window that appears to enable output for the main output or whatever layers you want.

    Beta 1 is still the current release – there will be a Beta 2 soon adding a few new features for developers.

    Best of luck – shout if you have any other questions.



    Is well explained!!!; no problem.
    Tell Vade that I’ll correct my tutorial in Spanish.
    I’m really sorry.

    have a good time ;

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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