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    I need to communicate max with web browser, so I downloaded chromium from dropbox as mentioned the topic below.

    I achieved to send videos from max to chromium as web camera.
    My question is below.
    1. How to update chromium?
    Chromium I downloaded from dropbox is little old version, so I want to update it.
    I downloaded latest chromium and put Frameworks folder at the same place as dropbox version, but chromium did not recognize syphon source.

    2. how can I get severname on chromium?
    I want to pass several sources to chromium from Max, so I have to get servername, otherwise I cannot recognize which source is I need.

    3. Can I send video source(webRTC source) from chromium to Max??
    I want to also pass several sources from chromium to Max.
    Can do that?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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