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    Hi there,
    I have learned from this thread

    that the rendering of a webkit browser is not openGL based. Does this mean that an optimized Syphon implementation in such a browser is impossible – ie. an implementation that performs optimally because texture data aren’t copied around.

    Specifically I am interested in learning whether a syphon server in Chromium (the open source name for Chrome) would be any faster than the solutions e.g. Syphoner and Syphon Virtual Screen have already provided?

    I am just asking hoping for some feedback. I am not expecting anybody here to build this for me. But depending on the answer it would be no use to try and find a developer that could help me with this.


    Chromium obviously does use openGL for the rendering of the output windows


    It would be definitely be faster in the sense that it would not need to render unless the scroll or content changed.

    However, its a non trivial task, integrating into a codebase like that :\


    I think most of the work of rendering web content is in layout and font rendering, plus JaveScript, etc – none of which benefits from OpenGL. The page you link suggests they draw the finished render to screen using OpenGL, but I don’t know if they use OpenGL to actually do the rendering.

    Another option is CoGeWebKit which should be more efficient than any of the screen-grabbing methods.

    VDMX also has an web renderer which works well – presumably also WebKit-based.

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    Yes I see your point about rendering and although my knowledge of browsers stop when we get lower level than javascript I see things indicating that compositing of all elements on a webpage also happens using OpenGL. In dev versions of Chrome at least we now have custom CSS filters on every element – this is in reality custom shader code.

    Alas CoGeWebkit does not support WebGL and a bridge from webGL to Syphon is exactly what I am hoping for. At least if it would be possible to create one that scales well with larger screen sizes such as HD size.

    More about CoGeWebkit and why it does not render webGL:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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