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    I was wondering if anyone knows what to add the javascript to be able to attach a syphon capture node and send it to Syphon.

    I was looking at the example that comes with MaxMSp 6 – jsglnurbstendril

    you can find it under javascript in the examples folder inside max

    any help is appreciated. thanks

    Also I wanted to play around with xray.jit.water from Wes Xray.jit library but I also don’t know how to pass it to syphon.

    there must be a way to pass it to syphon as long as it goes to a PWindow

    thanks again


    The jitter forum is ->

    You should be able to ‘ping’ normal jitter objects and dynamically patch and control them from the javascript interface, but I forget how to do that – so your best bet is to ping the Jitter forum, esp wrt to Wesley Smith code, since well, this is clearly the wrong place for that 🙂


    Yeah, before posting here I tried the Cycling forum; without any luck.

    Thanks anyways.

    P.s I think you were working on a visual app interface. It looked awesome. Good luck with that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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