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    So I am an expert on neither but I am curious about this. Would it be possible to write a Syphon server into an Adobe Air app?
    Or any other way to serve frames from a Flash app?

    I have an idea that today it can be done via the CoGeWebKit plugin for Quartz Composer – build a QC app that imports the swf file and puts the frame into a Syphon server. But I’m not sure if this method is reliable or gives full access to all features in the way that a direct integration into Flash would.


    If flash can call native code, then I suspect yes. If not, definitely no. However, Flash is not GPU accelerated for anything other than displaying video (to my knowledge, basic rendering still happens on the CPU, and then is *presented and scaled* on the GPU. This means Flash is, for now, a poor choice for integration, as you (most likely) do not have any options to hook into its drawing context.

    I could be wrong, as I don’t follow flash development much (at all). You might be better off writing a plugin for a WebKit based browser and pulling the info off of a view, similar to what CoGe Webkit does. Its still, for all intents and purposes, going to be sub-optimal I suspect.


    Well I am not a Flash developer either, just because I’ve been talking about Syphon so much one of my friends started asking. As far as I know the Flash environment does have some hooks into Core Image but what the implications are of this I don’t have enough knowledge to say…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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