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    A bit of cross posting. In case anyone is interested I tested Syphon with Modul8. Result is here:



    Yep, as you say, MadMapper makes us optimistic about Modul8…


    hei //
    little noob question, what is the info quartz composer needs in order to see modul8
    output thru syphon..
    i mean i see modul8 in mapmapper in syphon client application but i can’t manage to see
    thru quartz composer (i’ve tried syphon client.qtz)
    is it all in server name / app name ?


    If you have 2.6.2, and enable Syphon output in Modul8, you ought to be able to open the example client composition when you have installed the Syphon plugin for Quartz Composer, it ought to just work.

    If you use the example composition, it uses Syphon Server Directory to find available servers and output a structure, which is then filtered to find the keys for the first server, and is sent to the Syphon Client.

    I actually don’t have 2.6.2 at all, so I cannot test this myself, personally. I will try and get my hands on the beta, and verify the procedure. I know it works though, as people have already done it.


    The example Syphon Client.qtz composition works fine with Modul8. Did you install the Quartz Composer plugin as per the Read Me?


    i had everything installed correctly .. my mistake was a typo ,
    instead of “Modul8” i was writing “modul8” in the application name ..
    syphon client.qtz dosen’t work out of the box without introducing the app name,
    but syphon client QC.qtz works as i’ve tested now.
    thank you guys, great pipeline


    Would it be possible to link Modul8 and Syphon to able Modul8 to capture Symphon Frame ?


    Also , why is there a lower frame rate of QC seen in M8 thru syphon ?


    Can you both (Echoplex / ultraviolet) please expand on your questions. I am unsure what either of you mean. Its hard to understand what you are asking.


    I was asking about the performance that quartz has thru syphon in modul8 ,
    and i’m not talking about importing a *.qtz in modul8 ..
    It has an obvious lower framerate , and my system is i7 / 8 gb ram , is it
    because of QC Rehab ?


    So you are sending from QC to Modul8? Modul8 is showing a lower framerate? Can you *please* give specifics as to what you are doing and how?

    Please consult:


    Hello, I tried to attach modul8 to Max/jitter via your marvelous syphon!
    It works but I have the same problem :
    the video that I send from Max via the Syphon Server to modul8 via Syphon Client QC is very slow. THe frame rate is low…
    my computer is quadcore 2,2GHz intelcore I7
    with 8 GO Ram
    Do you know why?
    Thank you very much


    Well, Modul8 does not support native clients, so that means you are using QC Rehab and a Quartz Composer patch. This is really an unofficial way of getting Syphon into Modul8.

    Does “Simple Client” show slow performance from the video sent from MaxMSP/Jitter?

    Does the Syphon Server help file for Jitter show slow performance in “Simple Client”?

    Unfortunately due to how GarageCube implemented Syphon in the latest Modul8 they chose not to expose “clients” (getting frames from outside of Modul8), only a single “Server” to send frames out (To Mad Mapper, etc).

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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