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    This isn’t really a bug or anything, just a little issue that I came across with the madmapper demo at the mapping workshop and if someone has the same issue maybe they’ll find my answer in the forums. I was trying to send just plain video through syphon (ie jit.qt.grab) to madmapper and madmapper wasn’t really seeing the input in the right way. It was seeing it in the preview window but the mapped panels were displaying black. Everything would be fine when sent through QC however.

    The answer was that jitter wasn’t necessarily applying an alpha channel to the video and that was something that madmapper needed. In that case all mapped panels had to be changed to the blend mode that was ‘ignore alpha’ and everything then worked fine…seemed to be a jitter only issue…so either make sure there is alpha in your jitter image or make sure ignore alpha is turned on.

    Heh..i also accidently used an old beta of syphon in jitter and when madmapper received that texture it was flipped upside down..but i dont think most people will run into that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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