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    Hi !
    I made an application with Xcode wich play an .qtz file
    On this application i have some buttons controls the published Inputs from Quartz Composer.
    For this, i use on Interface Builder the ‘Quartz Composer View’ and the ‘Quartz Composer Patch Controller’.
    However i want to do this application able to communicate with Madmapper.
    So I started with ServerDemo.qtz from the Simple Server’s folder.
    But, the problem is that there’s no ‘Quartz Composer View’ on the window but a serverGL.
    How can I link the Patch Controller with the serverGL through the ‘bindings’ ?
    (for my first application, my Quartz Composer View Window was bind to the patch Controller with the Controller Key ‘patch’ in the Patch parameters. One of my buttons the value was bind to the patch controller with the controller key patch and the model key path corresponding to the ‘input’.value)



    Just use the QC Plugin, and set it to OpenGL Scene ?


    yep, I put a syphon server patch inside each qtz composition.
    however, in my application i have 4 qtz loaded. (it looks like the MAD Patterns App for Madmapper)
    and when I open Madmapper I have 4 Syphon server.
    Do you have any idea to have only one Syphon server ?


    Only enable one at a time? Put one at the top level of your patch so only one is ever active? Use One QTZ and enable/disable functionality of each 4 via a Composition Loader? Or use the OBJ-C API so you can manage this all yourself? Lots of solutions to your problem.

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