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    i am running unity as an engine for rendering fulldome – but i’d like to syphon in regular programs like resolume and modul8:
    so i want to send a few layers to unity.
    i want to send vertical lines
    i want to send horizontal lines
    i want to send big circles shapes or similar.

    for the vertical lines i would like to apply uv maps that radiate out from centre of object
    for horizontal i wanna use uv that wraps it around the sides
    for the big circle shapes i want to shrink wrap it over the objects

    i have all the uv maps (on multiple objects)

    BUT! to mix and blend these multiple textures i would need to use shaders. i have shader forge and it will let me use the standard pshop blend modes with multiple textures.

    ow do i get syphon textures seen by shaders to blend them. is it possible to do this in shader forge if i get the code right?

    how else might i do it?

    i’d prefer it all to be on one model so i don’t have to calibrate it all three times.

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