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    Processing 2.21
    MacBook Pro 14′ 10.10

    I am looking to make a small app that plays back video, over Syphon, to MadMapper. I want to schedule these files and walk away so that they will boot up and run.

    I am getting very close.

    The last mile problem is that when I export the sketch from Processing it runs fine. But when I connect it to MadMapper it runs veeeery slooow. Dropping frames, glitching, but never crashing. Keep in mind it runs butter smooth in the IDE while connected to MadMapper.

    I am wondering, why would the exact same code run slower once exported?
    I tried some other sketches that used Syphon and they ran fine. It was only when I began to include “video” files and the associated Processing libraries, that the slowness appeared and began to strain.

    Once again, if it runs fine in the IDE why not in the exported app?

    I would love to have have used Processing 3.0 but I had some bugs off the bat using the new video libraries with Syphon so I came back to solid ground in 2.21.

    All in all I am thinking there could be A) a way to make the exported version run faster, B) figure out the bug in Processing 3.0 and rebuild it over there, OR, C) find a way to launch a Processing .pde sketch and somehow schedule it to “Run” without anyone needing to click anything – imagine installed up in the rafters you know.

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions, I hope my explanation of the issue was clear.


    Thats strange. Have never heard of that.

    I’d post a bug on github about either incompatibility or what not with Syphon and the video libraries.

    As for running slower in P2.

    Is the app hidden in the background? Perhaps App Nap is the culprit? Can you disable it?


    I did not find any App Nap things to worry about.

    I found a actually very stable solution and that was to use this small app called “Mac Auto Mouse Click” that you can use to schedule a mouse event or series of clicks.

    Anyways, as for the bug, I am not exactly sure… I want to make a bunch of video mixing widgets and send out the video via Syphon. But if there is a shallow overhead as far as piping out video quickly I may need to rethink.

    On the whole, are you more confident in the stability of Syphon in Processing 2.0 or 3.0

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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