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    When testing the processing receiveFrames example I have no problem using the simple server as source.
    When I try to use the standard example as source I run into problems, and I am wondering if this might be related to that max/jitter specifies an app name for the syphon servers (which simple server does not). So in Simple Client my source would appear as “Jitter – Max” if my source is called Jitter.
    In the processing implementation it doesn´t seem to recognize the jitter sources. “Jitter” or “Jitter – Max” does not work. So (assuming the naming is the problem) how do I specify a syphonserver with an appname in the processing implementation?
    Same thing when sending syphon from an app made in openframeworks, which also has an appname.


    I don’t have Processing on the machine I’m typing on right now, but looking at the source it looks like it actually matches the name of the app, and not the server – so try “Max”.

    That’s a bit goofy of the Processing implementation. I’ve opened an issue to remind us it should work the same as the other implementations – it will get fixed someday…


    thanks for the quick answer!
    you´re right, it works fine when I use the appname instead of the servername.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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