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    i am using syphon recorder with openframeworks.
    i am currently signalling syphon to start recording by simulating a alt+command+r keystroke.

    is there a way to communicate with the recorder in any other way to do this following:
    start / stop
    change resolution
    change file path
    get notified when file saving is done

    i know some of those can be set manually in the preference file. but i am looking for a programmatic way.
    is there a settings file somewhere that i could edit via code?


    Thats an interesting idea. Theoretically you can use the ‘defaults’ preference editor from the command line / terminal – but I’m not entirely sure that would live update the contents of the app.

    Hm. Thats an interesting request.

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    hey vade.

    thanks i will give that a try.

    i am writing software that triggers new recordings all the time. i then load those recordings back in to my software.

    i used to use a build in openframeworks recording tool but i does not support the HAP encoding. But syphon recorder does.

    right now i am trying to er-implement certain features but most are weird workarounds like:
    -knowing when the recorder is done writing the file, by monitoring the changing from .vootrecording to .mov
    -knowing how many frames have been recorded, by counting the mills seconds since recording was triggered
    -setting resolution and file path, by hopefully altering the ‘defaults’
    -freely choose the complete file name without any fixed prefixes or time stamps

    i know this is not the main focus of the syphon recorder, but i thought i share my thoughts.

    and please know i think syphon recorder is a great app !


    I think I responded to your issue on GitHub about this – just want to add that recording to Hap may not be the best idea, if you can avoid it, because Hap is not particularly fast to encode so you will usually drop frames. If your workflow allows it, you’ll probably get better results by recording to an intermediate format and then transcode to Hap afterwards.

    I definitely see the use of more options for controlling Syphon Recorder – might think about adding AppleScript and/or OSC controls in a future version.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I am interesting in using HAP because it allows for videos with an alpha layer.
    Also, i am right away loading the videos back in to my software and do not have the time (and code) for transcoding.

    I liked the idea of HAP because as i understand it it uses the GPU for decoding and faster loading:

    It would be super if the next version of syphon recorder has some sort of apple script or OSC communication possibilities.


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