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    Hey guys,

    Just want to know if is possible to do a plugin for virtual Dj, mainly as a server so it expands the posibilities of creating better effect, like quartz composer and linking it all together.

    Let me know, I wish to know how to program it myself but I will check a few tutorials to see if I can get somewhere.

    Hope to here from someone soon,


    Mr. Lulo


    Hope to here from someone soon

    I put something together the other night. Is six months soon? Try this:

    Syphon Server for Virtual DJ

    I get flickering video in VirtualDJ, with or without this plugin, but presumably it works for some people. Post if you have issues with this…


    Thanks so much for this.
    I can confirm this working just fine on:
    MacBook Pro (begin 2011 model), OS X Lion 10.7.2
    VirtualDJ for Mac 7.0.5, running this Syphon server via Video Effects
    GrandVJ 1.6 running Syphon client (via Sources tab)

    Please note, contrary to what the text file says that’s in the .zip with this Syphon server, I had to put the Syphon Server.bundle in: Users<user>DocumentsVirtualDJPluginsVideoEffect
    (instead of in the Library)


    I can’t get it to work.

    I downloaded the plugin, copied it to the Plugins/VideoEffect folder and now it shows up in VirtualDJ under the “Video” tab (in the center, next to “Mixer” and “Scratch”) in the “Effect” drop down. That’s where I need to select it right? Or am I missing something here?

    Anyway, if I select it, it doesn’t show up in any other Syphon applications like the Simple Client or MadMapper.

    More info:
    – Macbook Air 13″ core i7 1.8ghz
    – Virtual DJ 7.0.4 Pro
    – OSX 10.7.3 (Lion)


    Tap the effect menu as if it’s a button once Syphon Server is selected and it will turn green and the server will start. Weird UI…


    Yep, that did it. Works perfectly. And for the curious ones out there I did some tests.

    I did a test (during work as a web developer, so with Photoshop, Coda, Mail, iTunes and Safari running and in use while driving a 1920×1200 display (not outputting the video on that BTW)) on my Macbook Air with the following setup:

    – Virtual DJ running with 2 movie clips (crossfader in the middle, so both were visible at probably 50% each)
    – The clips where looped (which seems to take a heavier load on the CPU)
    – The Syphon Server plugin activated
    – MadMapper running and displaying the visuals from Virtual DJ on 11 surfaces (9 quads and 2 circles)
    – The machine is the 2011 Macbook Air 13″ core i7 1.8Ghz and 4GB RAM

    I’m running this setup for over an hour now, without any problem!

    Avarage CPU load is around 55% but sometimes peaks to 75% (presumably when the long loop restarts). Not to bad for an Air. On a decent Macbook Pro this would be a very workable setup.

    Most of the CPU power is going to VirtualDJ by the way, it takes about 30 times more cpu power than MadMapper.

    One thing left to test and that is passing the video through a VJ tool like Modul8 or CellDNA first.


    Hi Im a bit new to all this i installed the plugin into vdj with no problems and it works with a vpt perfectly but i want to feed the video into arkaos as a final mixer there is a ‘syphon client.qtz’ i got but can’t get it to work any ideas?


    DJ Rich, you need to ensure you install the Syphon Quartz Composer Plugin as well. Check the downloads area and follow the instructions in the read me. Arkaos Grand VJ and Media Master have native Syphon server support, but not client (for now, perhaps?)


    Thanks for the Virtual DJ plugin.  I have V-DJ as the server and Resolume 4 as the client with the Quartz plugin.  I’ll probably move my video processing to VDMX as that’s what I use for VJing.  This is an amazing development (donation’s coming).

    I’m assuming you guys have nothing to do with getting V-DJ to have video effects on the separate channels upstream of them getting blended into the main output?  Then both channels could be separate Syphon Servers and independent layers in VDMX.


    Resolume 4 has native Syphon support, no need to use the QC plugin with it.

    I can’t remember how VDJ is set up as far as getting individual channels – I’d ask them for support/try their forums.


    I am running Resolume 4.1.3, and with Syphon pref on, I can see Syphon in the sources section, but nothing shows up underneath it.  Not even Simple Server. But the QC picks it up easily. For the reverse, Simple Client can always see Resolume’s output.

    As for channel specific video effect control, I can already see DJs requesting it on V-DJs forums, I’ll chime in with my vote there.

    Thanks again.

    V-DJ Pro 7.0.4, Resolume 4.1.3, OS 10.8.2, MBP Retina


    Yea maybe Resolume has a weirdness – I noticed I had to toggle the Syphon checkbox in Resolume’s preferences off then on again to get Simple Server to show up. You could ask about it on the Resolume forums if it’s a problem.


    Hi everyone!!!

    I just download the plugin, and im working in virtualdj 8 and the plugin says:

    “this plugin does not seem compatible with virtualdj 8”

    thanks in adavance for any help, i really appreciate it!!!

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