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    hi Syphoner’s !

    I’ve been struggling to make an experiment work …

    I started with

    That gived me the ability to create an offset camera that recreates an anamorphic vision of the scene from the point of view of the user tracked with a kinect.

    Then i wished i could render this point of view in stereoscopy, so i used stereosKopix asset for having an output with 2 stereo points of view of my anamorphic vision.

    That worked and it’s nice to play in such a cheap 1 screen “CAVE” system …

    My problem is when i try to output each eye render through syphon …
    In the script that creates the 3D camera’s i have :

    leftCam = new GameObject (“leftCam”, Camera);
    rightCam = new GameObject (“rightCam”, Camera);

    myL = GameObject.Find(“leftCam”);
    myL.AddComponent(“homographyCam”).projectionScreen = myScreen;
    myR = GameObject.Find(“rightCam”);
    myR.AddComponent(“homographyCam”).projectionScreen = myScreen;


    When i play the game, the script creates two cameras, and add the correct components. On the simpleClient i see “leftCam-Unity3d” and “rightCam-Unity3D” but both have the same image on it … the right cam is visible on both Syphon’s … ?¿

    I don’t know why i can’t see different streams from Unity if i’ve applied to each camera (by script, not dragging it) the SyphonServerTexture …

    Anyone can give me a trick ?
    Thanks for reading !


    You are overwriting the rendering from one eye with the second.

    You need two syphon textures one for left and right respectively, or you need a render pass to blit both left and right into a single texture, and then output that one texture to unity.


    Hi Vade !

    So when is that i’m overwritting the renders ? or … how could i avoid it ? How can i be sure that each camera has it’s own Syphon server ?

    Do i need to change the script name for each cam ?

    I’ve been working with unity just for some months and i’m loosing a lot on main concepts … not sure if attaching one same script to different GameObjects creates diferent instances of it or not …

    Any hint on how to not overwrite my self are appreciated 😉

    Brian Chasalow


    this is bad, for one. it probably takes care of it for you, but only add 1 syphon manager to the highest depth cam plz.

    if it still doesnt work, can you send me your scene?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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