Blurs just got better…

Ive uploaded v002 Blurs 1.2, now packaged as a single easy to install plugin (no need to install 3 different plugins now).

Changes include much improved OpenGL resource usage ‘behind the scenes’ which speeds things up even more, fixes for proper handling of alpha channels within the blurs, and greatly improved algorithms for the Zoom and Motion blur. These two are much more usable now, and produce much nicer results than previous versions.

If you currently use the older blurs (1.1 or 1.0), you can remove all 3 v002 blur plugins and install the new ‘Blurs’ plugin. This will make sure you have the latest and greatest and do not accidentally use the older plugins.

2 comments on “Blurs just got better…

  1. Stonewall, you are indeed correct. Thank you very much not only for looking, but for reporting. Fixed for the next revision (with some new updates and better handling of OpenGL state). Thank you!

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